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The Best Headstone Epitaphs

One of the best parts of what we do here at Richfield Monuments is seeing how creative some of our monument orders can get. While working on the many requests we get throughout the year, it got us thinking about some of the funnier or even just plain amusing headstone epitaphs that others have found in their travels.

This fellow might have a bit of an ego, though a pyramid would be a lot of fun.

Classic couple to the end. It might be a good idea to be sure we listen to each other, though.

A classic saying from a classy guy. Even in death, he still gets “no respect”.

Golfers of all stripes will appreciate this.

Sometimes we choose our destiny. Sometimes destiny chooses us.

Well, lets hope this last deal was worth it!

Is this an example of failing successfully or successfully failing?

One of the best things about these headstone monuments is how they reflect the personality of those they are memorializing.

At Richfield Monuments, we want to ensure that the personality of you and your loved ones shine through with each monument we craft. If you want to show the world your more amusing side, give us a call or stop by our workshop today!

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