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End-Of-Life Resources For Families

Watching a loved one approach the end of their life is typically filled with confusion and sadness. Despite the fact that death is something that everyone must face, it can also be a lonely time for those close to it. Fortunately, there are plenty of end-of-life resources that are available to help better prepare for this final event.

What Is End-Of-Life Care?

To better understand what end-of-life resources are available, it’s best to go over what end-of-life care is.

Simply put, this is what is used to describe the medical support and care someone gets around the time of their death. This isn’t something that happens moments before they take their last breath. In fact, it can look different for different people. For some, it might look like going to a hospice or nursing home. For others, it can look like staying home and having a nurse there with them.

In each case, though, whoever is providing end-of-life care focuses on four things:

  • Physical Comfort

  • Mental/Emotional Needs

  • Spiritual Needs

  • Practical Tasks

What End-Of-Life Resources Are Out There?

Each of the end-of-life resources available are focused on a particular point of the process, namely planning, care, and bereavement.


Just like with anything in life, it helps to be prepared in any instance. For those approaching end-of-life, getting everything in place is crucial for family left behind. Here’s a few resources to consider when preparing for end-of-life.

Dead Social - This is a free service that gives people the resources they need to know how to preserve a digital legacy on social media. They have complete walkthroughs on how to gather data from each of the popular social media platforms, how to manage these profiles once someone has passed, and how to use technology for the memorial service. - Despite the name, this website is powered by The Mesothelioma Center. And while the majority of the site is dedicated to cancer awareness and treatment, it does provide excellent resources on end-of-life preparation, including an in-depth checklist.

My Wonderful Life - This service provides the resources for you and your loved ones when the inevitable occurs. The site does contain a lot of free additional resources and ideas on how to best plan a memorial service, but they do have an affordable monthly subscription and service to plan a funeral when the time comes.


When the time comes for end-of-life care to begin, it helps to know who to reach out to and trust during this critical time. - This website contains a nationwide aggregate of care services for aging parents and spouses. Once a state has been selected, a type of care can be selected along with the resources to help make individuals as comfortable as possible as they approach their death.

National Palliative Care Research Center - This research center is dedicated to funding and developing research to improve in-home and hospice care for terminally ill and elderly patients as well as their families. Their vast library of ever-growing resources include ways to measure symptoms and pain that are used by many healthcare and end-of-life care facilities throughout the country.

We Honor Veterans - While directed toward those who have served in the Armed Forces, this resource provides education and additional information for those approaching their end-of-life and provides access to medical needs, community partnerships, and more.


While planning for the events leading up to a loved one’s death can help make much of the process easier, there is still no true preparation for the initial shock of their passing. For those wanting to make sure their loved ones have resources to healthily grieve. - This website provides grieving spouses, children, and even parents the resources to help process their grief at the passing of a loved one through group connections, webinars, and various workshops designed to help with the healing process.

Eluna - This organization is dedicated to helping families impacted by grief and addiction. After the loss of a loved one, it is easy to feel isolated and alone. Eluna, along with their partnership with the New York Life Foundation, has compiled the resources children and families need to return to a sense of normalcy.

Moyer Foundation - This non-profit provides hope, comfort, and helps with the healing process for children and families affected by grief. Their programs include mentorships, events, webinars, and more.

What Circumstances Permit

While this isn’t a complete list of all the end-of-life resources available, it should serve as a start for those looking to at least begin their preparations for the inevitable. These resources also can lead to additional resources and how much those services my cost.

As part of the end-of-life process, we at Richfield Monuments wish to provide the best possible service to our customers, not only in providing these resources, but creating the best monuments for loved ones as a celebration of their life. To learn more about our services, and to get the best quality headstone for an affordable price, contact us today.

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